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94 Pages  full of stuff you need to know all in an easy-to-digest  format. More than you expect, but everything you need.

Here's what you get:

Coping with Multiple sclerosis – A quick insight into this cruel disease.

Coping With kidney stones – An unpleasant and painful condition. Read about it here.

Coping with bunions – Unsuitable footwear is the main cause. This doesn't have to be the case –  See why.

Coping with tonsillitis – Sometimes painful but easily treatable – Get the facts, and more - here

Coping with glandular fever -  Usually affects young people. Get an insight into this condition right now

Take the Rest Cure – Suffering with insomnia? No need to worry - handy tips to help reverse this condition.

The stimulants that keep us awake - Continuation from above – An insight into the powerful effects of  substances we consume on a daily basis that interfere with a good nights sleep.

Beat the blood sugar lows – Did you know our bodies produce adrenaline when under stress. Here's what you need to know to level things out.

10 Instant Health Checks – Would you pass a Health MOT? Not too sure, Try these 10 easy to implement tests to find out.

Home remedies for foot odour – Cheap and effective ways to combat this unpleasant and embarrassing condition.

The Good Soup Guide – 10 tasty soup recipes to try all with individual health ratings

10 quick ways to feel good – Always! THE expression ‘You’re as young as you feel’ is true. To look good and feel younger you don’t have to opt for expensive cosmetic surgery. Here, we show you ten ways to knock off the years and lift your spirits.

The tiny creature that can tackle asthma in a tick. THEY can drive humans mad and spread deadly diseases with one bite - but now blood-sucking ticks have a wholesome new image – Get the full story here

The Low-Down on Chewing  Gum - Far from being a nuisance that sticks to your shoe, Chewing gum is being used to bring health benefits from quitting smoking to lowering your cancer risk.

What a busy body - Hair is dropping out, blood cells are dying, and whole layers of skin are being shed. Here, we take a look at the changes your body goes through in a year.

Killing Cancer with cyanide – A contradiction here – or is it? A quick look on how a deadly substance can combat a killer disease.

Got bad breath?  Read this to get rid of it!

Prone to headaches? Various causes, different types, different symptoms – All this and more – revealed here.

Are you a smoker?  After reading this you may want to stop – This is a real eye opener! Lots of morbid facts and figures, and suggestions on how to quit.

How to keep memories at your fingertips MAKING connections is a skill that will improve the more you use it - but it depends on making the most of your mental filing system. If you store your memories as isolated facts, they are often hard to recover, and finding one doesn’t help you find the others. But if you save facts linked together in meaningful ways, then you’ve created a network which is far stronger. Here are some useful tips on improving the organisation of your memories.

Twenty-four ways to fire up your fitness  For an energy-efficient body, you need a strong pump and clear airways. Here's how to get your heart and lungs in perfect working order.

 Kick the Caffeine habit  We spend £850 million a year on coffee and on average drink three to four cups a day, yet research shows that too much caffeine is bad for us. Want to find  the best ways to give up? Carry on reading.........

Fed up with fatigue? As the 21st century speeds up our lives, fatigue is fast becoming the new plague. Here's a quick guide to the key energy-boosting nutrients we all need.

Just Relax - 50 Tension Busters

Feeling under pressure? Battling with the blues? ll you want to regain some balance in your life but don't know where to start, then this is the guide for you. Here are 50 quick, easy and practical ways to relieve everyday stress. So get ready to run a bath, do some exercise, splash some paint around, cut your hair and stroke your pets - although not necessarily all at the same time

And finally!  We wind up on a lighter note. Whether it's people who drop litter or milk cartons that are increasingly impossible to open, we are all confronted daily by dozens of things that irritate and provoke us. Here are 38 biggest little irritations.


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